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    Stripper Costume:Guys: Police, Firefighter, Pizza , Party Guest, Suit & Tie, Doctor, Military, Suit and Tie, Cowboy, Construction, Delivery Person, Job Applicant, Hotel Manager, No costume just Put on a Show. Girls: Just Sexy, School Girl, Police , French Maid, Room Service, Teacher, Hotel Manager, Business rep. Midget: For Stripper Little Romeo or Anna specify in box. Belly Dancer: Specify

    Special Request: list two different dancer choices first being your preferred choice and one alternates so if the first cannot do the party we can check with the 2nd , then we will get back to you, letting you know. If you don't request a specific performer, we will send the least expensive best available performer that fits the ethnicity you want or you can simply leave blond or brunette.

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